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About Peter

I’m Peter Biro – I’m an entrepreneur who has started or help start businesses in everything from green data centers to multi-unit restaurant franchising (twice) to marketing software.  Right now, I am a partner and Exec Committee member at TechCXO, a pioneer in the fractional executive market and a perennial Inc 5000 member recognizing its years of rapid growth.  I usually work closely with 3 or 4 different “build” stage companies at the same time as their operating CFO.

It’s an exciting time to be in startups, in the gig economy, and in industries that are changing quickly.  Because I focus on stage rather than on any particular vertical, I’ve worked with companies in co-working, robotics, building automation software, nurse staffing, fashion e-commerce, medical devices, and automotive repair.  All are rapidly evolving and exciting places to be.  I started this blog as a way to share observations on the function, on the sectors I am learning about, and as a resource for other part-time CFOs as they try to help their companies succeed.

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